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To request a workshop, teaching engagement or community dance event, and to inquire about scheduled workshops in your area, email Donna.

What Teachers Say:

"The dances are simple to learn and instruct and very fun -- if you are looking for the one book to help you dance successfully and joyfully with your class, this is the one to get!"

Miriam Whiteley, Class 7 Teacher
Waldorf School of Orange County
Costa Mesa, CA

"Donna brings the personal and social joy of folk dancing to life with her teaching and her written instructions. Her book, with the accompanying CD, was enough for me to teach numerous dances to a class of fourth graders. Indeed, they learned the dances well enough to teach them to all their parents in an evening folk dance. What a joy it is to have these dances, these cultural jewels of movement, in our lives! For that I am forever grateful to Donna."

Rev Bowen, Class 5 teacher
Live Oak Waldorf School
Meadow Vista, CA

“Donna’s dances are such a gift to children. I have not seen a quicker and more effective way to bring children into harmony together and give them a fun experience of community than through Donna’s approach to folk dancing.”

Mark Rice, Director
SunRidge School
Sebastopol, Calif.


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