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Each Book Contains:

• clear dance notations with a comprehensive glossary

• instructions that include a pattern in brief for the dance,cues for students, and detailed descriptions of each step

• complete musical scores for each dance

• pedagogical and cultural notes

• helpful tips for teachers on playing music, introducing new dances, partnering etiquette and more

• a beautiful companion CD with music for every dance in the book

A Note from Donna

It all began with an initial request to teach folk dance as a volunteer in 1988. My joyful experience of dancing and learning with that first class sparked a deep interest in folk dancing with children that has evolved into two decades of teaching hundreds of classes of children in elementary schools throughout the Western U.S.

My goal in teaching a new dance is to make the experience of learning the dance as easy and fun as possible for the students. My hope is that the dance descriptions, the recorded music and the musical scores provide helpful tools that inspire and enable you to bring folk dance into your classrooms, into your homes, into your community life.


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